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Rachel Desmarais

Rachel Desmarais

CFP, EPC, CHS, CLU, CCS, CEA, Financial Planner

With Desmarais Financial Services, owner Rachel Desmarais delivers personalized and proactive financial planning that goes beyond numbers and takes into consideration not only your current life situation but challenges and possible crises in moving through later life cycles including insurance, investment, estate and health needs.  

And, when appropriate, re-evaluate and suggest changes.  

Rachel arrived at this approach over 25 years of helping people navigate their options in order to maximize the benefits of a sustainable financial plan.  

In 1997 Rachel started in the Insurance and Financial Services with Met Life and eventually joined Don Johnston Financial Services as a broker in March of 1999.  In 2007 she went out on her own and formed Desmarais Financial Services Inc.

Rachel’s field of expertise is all aspects of financial planning and estate, elder and succession planning.

Since the start of this new career, Rachel has successfully gained designations as:  

CFP – Certified Financial Planner – 2001

EPC – Elder Planning Counselor 2004 – Charter Member

CHS – Certified Health Specialist – 2011

CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter – 2015

CCS – Certified Cash Flow Specialist –2018

CEA – Certified Executor Advisor – 2020.

Starting with no clients in 1997 to over 500 clients+ at present, from sole proprietor to brokerage, sales have grown year over year.  Most new business is acquired through referrals from satisfied clients.  

Rachel has the natural ability to put people at ease.  

She greets her clients as friends with warm handshake or hug.  Rachel is non-judgmental and approaches each client with utmost of professionalism and dedication.  As well as being a good listener, Rachel is also a good communicator, and her many clients have indicated that when they had met her for the very first time, they knew that they wanted to do business with her.  

Her constant support for her clients continues on long after the ‘deal is done’ and she is there to help them through their personal crises as well.  

Rachel is a disciplined and balanced business woman, who always has a positive attitude and who says ‘That’s OK’ when the pressure is on when many others would choose much more “colorful” words.

Raymond Desmarais

Raymond Desmarais

Financial Security Advisor

As the General Manager, Raymond Desmarais is responsible for the daily operations of Desmarais Financial.

Ray’s primary focus is ensuring that the company’s sales, finance, marketing, products, and business development areas are on track, and that clients are always the first priority.

Over the years, Ray has been involved in teaching, sales, insurance, financial security planning, physical fitness education and management, but Ray’s foremost passion is leading the strong, supportive team at Desmarais Financial.

Lori Greig

Lori Greig

Administrative Assistant

Lori Greig, Desmarais Financial Services Administrative Assistant, brings extensive knowledge and experience to the “back office” support services required to efficiently handle the paperwork and provide timely answers to client queries as well as dealing with financial program providers.  

Lori started at the head office of London Life 24+ years ago and worked her way up the administrative ladder in both the insurance and investment sides, along the way earning a Branch Manager Certificate; and joined Desmarais Financial Services in early 2022.  

She is the first point of contact for clients in general service, administrative, and claims or policy concerns.  

Also managing quarterly contacts and renewals for our clients and advisors, Lori also oversees the implementation of new plans and co-ordination of transfers between new carriers.  

Lori specializes in solving account matters quickly and provides a high quality of customer service.

As an integral part of the DFS family, Lori helps our organization run at maximum efficiency and productivity.  

Donald Muck

Donald Muck

Financial Advisor, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS

For 35 years, Don has been employed in the financial services industry. Don’s love of working with people has given him the edge to be a successful chartered financial consultant. He enjoys working with individuals who want to understand money better and how to grow their wealth. Don officially came on
board with Desmarais Financial Services in June 2010.

Married to his beautiful wife Michelle for 24 years, the couple has four wonderful children together.

Don spends his spare time with family, playing hockey and vacationing.

Linda Gignac

Linda Gignac

Financial Security Advisor, CSA

Linda has been with Desmarais Financial Services Inc. since July 2011. She has been in the financial services business for over 20 years. She became an Independent Broker in October 2010 after 19 years as a career advisor.

Attention to detail, good listening skills and a great empathy are qualities that her clients have come to appreciate. She is effectively supported by a team of administration, insurance, investment and group specialists whose teamwork and professionalism help her build long-term relationships with her growing client base.

Linda has won several awards over the years for her hard work and dedication to a career she loves. She also became a Certified Senior Advisor because helping seniors has always been very important to her.

Linda is happily married to Phil who has always supported her 100%. She has three wonderful children who are married to great spouses. She has also been blessed with six of the best grandchildren anyone could have. Spending time with her family brings her much enjoyment. Linda also loves boating and fishing on our beautiful Georgian Bay. Recently her new summer pastime is riding on the back of the Harley with Phil.

Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley

Tom came to Desmarais Financial Services Inc. in the summer of 2012 with a thirty-eight year background in Life Insurance and Investments. Ray Desmarais and Tom have been special friends since their YMCA days in the 1970’s.

Tom brings his good listening skills, the insight to ask pertinent questions and empathy for his client’s financial concerns. He will always get the specific answers you need in order to make an informed decision.

Janice, Tom’s wife for 45 years, is his ‘right hand man’ and brings her own experience and management skills to Tom’s office in St. George, Ontario.

As a Broker, Tom can find the right financial solution for you, searching many companies’ plans.

Audrey Keip

Audrey Keip

Financial Security Advisor, CPCA

Audrey has been in financial services for over ten years. She joined Desmarais Financial Inc. in March 2011 and continues to manage her business out of her Hanover office. She is licensed to give advice and present options regarding insurance protection, risk management, tax reduction strategies, education planning for your children, charitable giving, retirement planning and investment portfolio management by being independently represented by a variety of companies.

Audrey’s mission is to help families achieve their financial life goals and realize their dreams for themselves, their families and their business or professions. She seeks to show you how you can take control and stay in control of your financial life by charting a course or a road map to align with your goals, priorities and values.

Audrey’s aim is to be with you on your journey every step of the way, and to be a partner in your life financial planning.

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